Nuzzel introduces LinkedIn integration and new video feed

Nuzzel introduces LinkedIn integration and new video feed

Nuzzel, the news curation app from former Friendster founder and CEO Jonathan Abrams, today announced a new integration with LinkedIn. Users who connect their LinkedIn accounts will now be able to access personalized business stories that are relevant to their experiences and interests, and are being widely shared by their professional contacts.

Over email, Abrams said “[i]n internal testing prior to launch, Nuzzel team members found that our professional contacts were posting very high quality professional content on LinkedIn.”

“Nuzzel’s integration with LinkedIn will encourage users to share interesting processional content back to LinkedIn,” he added.

Unlike many other news curation apps, Nuzzel has positioned itself as a place for high-quality journalism and content, intended for an audience of professionals and influencers. Previously, the service exclusively supported Facebook and Twitter. Adding the foremost professional social networking site will undoubtedly help it reach that goal.

In addition to the LinkedIn integration, Nuzzel has introduced a new video feature, which highlights popular video news content in the familiar feed format. That’s pretty smart, considering an increasing number of news organizations have pivoted away from traditional text-based journalism towards video content, like MTV News and Mic.

Videos are split into two categories: “My Videos” and “Top Videos.”  Top Videos is where you’ll discover new content. In my case, this mostly came from Business Insider, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal, and focused largely on culture, politics, and technology.

Otherwise, it works just like you’d expect it to. You can tap through to see conversation surrounding the clip on Twitter, and other content that might be relevant. You can also share it with your contacts on other sites.

Nuzzel’s new video feed and LinkedIn integration is available from today. You can check it out on iOS, Android, and web.

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