Twitch’s most-watched clip is a jump scare, because of course it is

Twitch’s most-watched clip is a jump scare, because of course it is
Credit: JurassicJunkieLive

A relatively-unknown Twitch streamer is in the spotlight as a clip of him playing a horror game is now the most-watched clip in the site’s history.

In the clip, JurassicJunkieLive is playing Outlast 2. In case you aren’t aware, that’s one of the most recent horror games to sweep the internet, in which the main character is trying to rescue his wife from the clutches of a crazed Arizona death cult. You know, the usual.

According to Jurassic himself, his partner sent his 2-year-old daughter upstairs to deliver a drink while he was streaming. In his own words:

Due to my headphones I never heard her enter the room. At this point a crow jumped up in the game and made me scream, I then looked down to see a devil child looking back at me and screamed blue murder.

The clip was saved by one of his followers and posted to Reddit, where it quickly ballooned in popularity. At the time of writing, it’d been viewed about 1,520,000 times.

The best part of this, as far as I’m concerned, is that JurassicJunkieLive has only been streaming for 2 months, by his own admission. He’d built a small audience on his own, but this clip has boosted his follower count to over 3,000.

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