Gillette launches online blade delivery service to take on Dollar Shave Club

gillette, dollar shave club

Seeking to replicate the stunning success of California-based grooming accessory vendor Dollar Shave Club, Gillette has launched a new online-only razor blade delivery service.

Customers will have the option to choose between three different razor blade packages, starting from $11 for the entry-level Sensor 3 disposable razors and going all the way up to $22 for the high-end Fusion Proshield blade.

With this move, Gillette continues its long-lasting battle with Dollar Shave Club after back in 2015 the iconic shaving brand launched a similar subscription-based service to fend off the growing online presence of its California-based rival.

To one up the Dollar Shave Club subscription model, Gillette promises to reward subscribers with free shaving kits every fourth order.

The other good thing about the new offer is that it is up to the customer to select how often replacement blades will be shipped. Subscribers also reserve the right to alter or cancel their billing plan at any point in time.

In addition to the subscription-based model, Gillette is also giving consumers the option to order blades as one-time purchases – though you won’t be getting any free blades every fourth order should they opt for this offer.

Thanks to its viral promo campaign in 2013, Dollar Shave Club has managed to amass more than three million subscribers over the past seven years, boasting a 10-percent market share in the US in 2015. By comparison, Gillette held almost 70 percent of the entire razor market by the end of the same year.

What it didn’t have though was Dollar Shave Club’s rapidly growing customer base – and this is precisely what Gillette is taking aim on with the new online-only razor delivery service.

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