Don’t miss out on your golden ticket to expansion in Asia

Don’t miss out on your golden ticket to expansion in Asia

World-domination was the Wi-Fi password of choice for a very long time at TNW.  It just goes to prove it’s not uncommon for tech companies to dream big when first starting out. As you’re chasing the domination dream, expanding to foreign markets becomes a priority. One continent on your market-maybe list should be Asia. There’s no denying the market is booming, but winning in Asia isn’t easy and success is far from guaranteed.

Don’t despair! We found a solution to expand or start your business in Asia and it’s a particularly good opportunity as well.

How it works:

Now through June 7, 2017, the Korean government and TNW will be selecting EMEA-based companies that have the ambition to scale in Asia. In september, Korea will receive the selected  startups for the first day of the four-month accelerator program called K-Startup Grand Challenge.

  • Equity: The accelerator program asks for zero percent equity in return. 
  • Expenses paid: Travel to Korea(up to $1700 reimbursed upon arrival), housing (up to $2900 p/m), free office space, post-accelerator support ($27.000).
  • Mentoring and support: Learn business tricks from executives of Samsung, Hyundai and LG and receive a soft landing for your company in Asia.
  • Prize money: In December, accelerator participants will compete in a Demo Day competition in which four winners will receive an additional amount up to $100.000.

Who can apply:

  • Startups younger than five years
  • Startups located in the EMEA regions
  • Startups with the ambition to expand their business to Asia

Chances like this don’t come by that often. Are you ready to take the challenge? Apply before June 7th.



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