T-Mobile announces new feature to protect mobile users from scams

T-Mobile announces new feature to protect mobile users from scams

T-Mobile is introducing a new program to rescue it’s customers from evil scammers.

The mobile carrier is set to unveil two new programs, Scam ID and Scam Block. The former is, as the name sounds, a service which will identify scam calls and alert the potential scammee. Considering scam calls are just as much of a problem as ever these days, it’s a commendable protection. The latter automatically blocks all calls that Scam ID catches. T-Mobile says customers can turn both services on and off any time.

Both services are free, though T-Mobile offers customers a paid upgrade called Name ID which will identify any caller’s name and location.

The company intends to enable Scam ID for all customers eventually. There’s a chance Scam Block could block legitimate calls, so users should be cautious of opting in.

T-Mobile customers can enable Scam ID by dialing #664# on their phone’s keyboards and hitting the call button. The number for Scam Block is #662#.

The service is available starting April 5.

via Fortune

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