Man electrocutes himself while charging iPhone in the bath

Man electrocutes himself while charging iPhone in the bath

A London man died last December after trying to charge his iPhone in the bath.

Police wrapped up an inquest into the death recently. Police constable Craig Pattinson told the inquest that Richard Bull, 32, ran an extension cable from the hallway into the bathroom and was a little careless with the position:

The extension cable was on the floor and it appeared as though he had his phone charger on his chest and the part between the phone charger and the cable had made contact with the water.

There’s no word on where his actual phone was during this, but considering the burns extended up his right arm and into his right hand, I think it’s safe to assume he was holding it.

Bull was found by his wife, Tanya, who said the burns were so bad she initially thought someone had attacked him. His brother Andrew said everyone can be careless at times, but that he didn’t think the charge cord would be able to produce a fatal shock.

I live in the US and they say it can’t happen, and that there is not enough electricity. But in the UK it is enough. You don’t think there is enough electricity but there is.

The police spokesperson said they initially suspected a suicide after finding the cable in the bath, but have ruled the possibility out. The pathologist determined it to be an accident.

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Coroner to warn Apple over potentially lethal iPhone chargers after man electrocuted himself while charging his phone in the bath on Daily Mail

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