Pornhub reveals women watch porn from their phones more often than men


In celebration of International Women’s Day, Porhub has put together an intriguing report revealing the many various ways in which women consume porn differently than men – and you might be surprised by some of the findings.

As the adult content titan shared in its annual review earlier this year, female visitors account for a little over a quarter of the entire traffic coming to the website – enough to cause some serious drops in traffic when women have more important concerns to attend to.

Right off the bat, while mobile traffic makes for approximately 72 percent of worldwide traffic to the XXX portal, women rely a lot more on their smartphones to watch smut flicks compared to men.

Although mobile traffic has increased for both sexes, nearly 80 percent of all female porn-lovers use their mobile devices – like phones and tablets – to visit Pornhub in comparison to about 69 percent for men.

This also explains why women are 34 percent less likely than men to use their desktop setup to consume adult entertainment content.

Interestingly, older women tend to resort to watching porn on their desktop computers significantly more often than their younger counterparts.

Even though 78 percent of all female traffic comes from millennials between the age of 18 and 34, less than 50 percent of all women above the age of 55 use their mobile devices to get off.

As far as operating systems go, Windows reigns supreme on desktop and Android leads mobile.

A staggering 84 percent of all female traffic comes from Windows users, with MacOS accounting for a mere 12 percent. Curiously, women are much more likely to visit Pornhub from Linux and ChromeOS systems than men are.

Android dominates female mobile usage with 53 percent, followed by iOS with a total share of 45 percent.

Curious to find more differences between the porn-watching patterns of men and women? Check out the official Pornhub Insights blog here – and don’t forget to let us know down in the comments how well their findings align with your own observations.

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