YouPorn’s bug bounty program gives you hard cash to find backdoor exploits


Adult entertainment distributor YouPorn wants to make sure your privacy remains intact – and for this reason the Pornhub-sister is asking white-hat hacking community HackerOne for a helping hand in finding and closing backdoor exploits on its website.

The Los Angeles-based porn giant has launched a new bug bounty program to “boost the safety” of its visitors by offering security professionals rewards of up to $25,000 to identify and fix weaknesses in its platform, VentureBeat reports.

“We encourage researchers to reach out and let us know if they find any potential issues, and we will be happy to work to resolve the issue quickly,” said YouPorn VP Brad Burns. “We guarantee that they are to be fairly rewarded for their time and effort.”

While the company assured that it is “already equipped with an excellent developer and security staff,” Burns further added that, “vulnerabilities and breaches are ongoing, so it is important to continuously stay as many steps ahead of potential online threats as possible.”

To claim one of the hefty rewards, hackers must “responsibly disclose a [previously] unknown issue through the site’s HackerOne page.” So in case you spot a vulnerability, make sure you report it here.

With this new addition, YouPorn joins fellow MindGeek subsidiary Pornhub, which launched its own bug bounty program back in May last year.

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