Samsung’s new ‘QLED’ TVs might finally surpass OLED

Samsung’s new ‘QLED’ TVs might finally surpass OLED

At its event in Las Vegas today, Samsung introduced QLED technology, the next evolution of its Quantum Dot technology popularized in its highest end televisions SUHD models.

As good as SUHDs are, OLED TVs are generally acknowledged to be superior for their purer blacks and accurate color. While QLED doesn’t quite reach the blacks of OLED, it attacks from the other end, with brightness up to 1500-2000 nits. That improved brightness is ultimately more important for realistic HDR conent.

For comparison, few flagship TVs in 2016 crossed 1000 nits, and OLEDs topped out around 700 nits. QLED can also display the entire DCI-P3 color volume, allowing for super accurate colors.

Meanwhile, a new backlighting system means that Samsung is promising no color degradation at any angle – something that affects TVs of all kind. And unlike OLED, it also won’t be as prone to discoloration over time.

From a practical standpoint, Samsung says the TVs are thin and light enough to be mounted onto pretty much any wall, including a special gapless mount; Samsung even teased a TV in the style of photo frame. To maintain the sleek look, the TVs connect via a new, thinner single thin cable to an external box for inputs, and Samsung will be selling a series of stands to better match the decor in your home.

Of course, these are just Samsung’s claims, so we’ll have to get our eyes on a real unit before we can confirm any of it. Still, the technology should hopefully provide quality to take on OLED, without as crazy a price tag (it’s supposedly easier to manufacture at large sizes). Samsung’s QLED TVs will ship starting in February.

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