Hyperloop One is hyping 500 mph train rides in the UAE

Hyperloop One is gearing up to make a big announcement in the UAE. The company, which has been working on a high-speed mass transport system dreamed up by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, has just dropped a teaser video hyping its November 8 reveal, which you can watch above.

It isn’t clear exactly what Hyperloop One will reveal, but it will most likely be the announcement of a test bed for its super-fast trains in the Middle Eastern nation.

The clip boasts ridiculously quick travel times between major cities in the region: It promises that Hyperloop One’s system will take you from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, a distance of 160 km that usually requires a 2-hour drive, in just 12 minutes. That’s a mind-boggling speed of 800 kmph or roughly 497 mph.


In May, the company launched an open-air propulsion test of its next-gen transport technology, showing that it could accelerate a steel sled on railroad tracks from 0-115 mph in 2 seconds.

It almost certainly takes more than just a few months to go from that trial to launching a passenger-ready transport system in the UAE – hence our assumption about what tomorrow’s announcement will be about.

That should help Hyperloop One get back in the spotlight after its recent troubles: The beginning of July saw co-founder and CTO Brogan BamBrogan leave the company abruptly and follow up with a lawsuit against it, claiming wrongful termination.

Stay tuned to TNW to learn more about what Hyperloop One has in store for the UAE.

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