KickStarter Live will let creators livestream their campaigns to the world

KickStarter Live will let creators livestream their campaigns to the world

Today, Kickstarter announced the launch of Kickstarter Live – its brand new live video service, which allows backers and creators to interact in real time.

The service was built with the assistance of Vancouver startup Huzza, and has been quietly tested with a handful of selected creator partners.

Kickstarter says that these partners used the feature for a variety of purposes, ranging from broadcasting live product demonstrations, to videogame playthroughs and cooking classes.


Between FaceBook Live,, and Periscope, livestreaming is all the rage now. But what can it do for a crowdfunding website?

Perhaps the most obvious, and some might say crucial, thing is that it it may inspire greater trust. There have been a number of scandals with creators failing to deliver rewards to backers, and launching campaigns for products that are simply physically impossible to create.

If potential backers can see a product being used in real-time, they may be more confident that they’ll actually get something for their money.

There’s a less tangible reason behind Kickstarter Live. It believes that this feature will deepen the bond beyond creators and backers, and will offer a more intimate personal connection.

It gives the example of backers sending selfies, asking questions, chatting, and selecting rewards, all while interacting with the creator.

Kickstarter Live is available from today. Potential backers can discover upcoming live videos hosted by the KickStarter community here. To find out more about how the service, you can check out the Kickstarter Live page here.

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