Kind-hearted Pokémon Go players save stranded gran

Kind-hearted Pokémon Go players save stranded gran

When Sheila Daintith’s 91-year old mother tried to pick up a piece of litter that had strayed into her drive, the nonagenarian found herself tumbling to the ground. At her age, it could have been disastrous.

Thankfully, two Pokémon Go players stumbled upon the fallen pensioner and raised the alarm. According to the Warrington Guardian, the two players – known only as David and his young daughter Ellie – stopped their game to provide assistance.

Ms. Daintith told the Warrington Guardian that her mother did not have a mobile phone, and was unable to contact her sister who lives just two minutes away.

Thankfully, there’s a happy ending to this story. Sheila’s mom returned to her home relatively unscathed. The Great Sankey resident had some light bruising and scrapes, but there was no lasting harm. Similarly, David and Ellie found the rare Pokémon they were searching for.

“My sister discovered on talking to David and Ellie that they had been hunting Pokemon characters, which I think they found in the end.”

Pokémon Go has been in the news a lot recently. Quite often, not for the right reasons. From malware disguised as add-ons, to players getting beaten up for their phones, we’ve seen the whole spectrum of awful.

So it’s nice, for once, to hear a heartwarming Pokémon Go story.

Sheila Daintith thanks Pokemon Go players who rushed to aid 91-year-old mum on The Warrington Guardian

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