Tragedy strikes in Russia as government blocks access to Pornhub


It’s a sad day for porn lovers in Russia as local media watchdog Roskomnadzor has cut off all access to popular adult site Pornhub, the Moscow Times reports.

The ban comes after the government agency placed the pornography site on its blacklist following a meeting on Tuesday. A Russian court is expected to rule at a later date whether the block will remain.

Back in 2015, local authorities blocked the Russian page of Pornhub after a court in Krasnodar ruled the website violated child protection laws and distributed pornographic materials illegally.

Although Russian law currently allows the consumption of porn, the production of pornographic materials is strictly outlawed.

Pornhub is not the first site to be censored by Roskomnadzor. The agency has previously shut down fellow porn site YouPorn as well as online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

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