You can buy the jacket Steve Jobs wore when he flipped off IBM for $4,000 right now

Credit: Andy Hertzfeld / Jean Pigozzi

If you missed your chance to cop one of Steve Jobs’ old business cards last year, you’ll be excited to know there’s now a new opportunity to purchase a bunch of Jobs-worn memorabilia – including the leather jacket the Apple co-founder donned when he famously flipped off IBM in 1983.

Self-proclaimed ‘auction house to the stars’ Julien’s Live is currently auctioning off an extensive list of previously Jobs-owned items and you have only 21 more days to claim one of them.

steve jobs auction 1

The catalog is so diverse that avid Apple fan boys and girls can literally recreate Jobs’ entire ensemble including the iconic NeXT turtleneck, the blue Levi’s jeans and this neat Seiko watch.

Dressing like Jobs ain’t cheap though. The three items in question will cost you a total of at least $1,400 – $500 each for the turtleneck and the watch plus another $400 for the jeans. But hey, nobody can put a price tag on style.

steve jobs auction 5

If you’re feeling really smug once you’ve stepped into the shoes of the Apple boss himself, you can go to this website and get your newly acquired Jobs memorabilia signed by his less popular co-founder Steve Wozniak for about $25 an item.

Go show the world you got money to spend and buy yourself some Jobs swag here – then tweet a picture of it to Apple’s shiny new Twitter account.

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Steve Jobs Auction on Julien's Live

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