Spotify just became the best place to stream video game music

Spotify just became the best place to stream video game music

While I rarely go back to a game once I get bored with it, I’m a sucker for video game soundtracks – and sometimes I’ll keep songs on repeat years after I’ve stopped playing a game. If you have that too, you’re about to love Spotify’s new feature.

Starting today, the company has launched Spotify Gaming, a new section specifically dedicated to gaming music and soundtracks.

The newly added category collects all sorts of video game music – both original and fan-curated – so avid gamers can conveniently access their favorite gaming soundtracks at one single place.

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There you’ll find soundtrack albums for popular titles like No Man’s Sky, FIFA 16 and Assassin’s Creed as well as a bunch of curated gaming-themed playlists from Spotify staff and members.

Though some of the curated playlist titles are rather vague and uninventive, so far I’ve found the song selection to be fairly decent – especially when it comes to the Hip Hop Gaming playlist.

spotify gaming playlists

Personally, I’m excited about this new category as it gives me newfound inspiration to revisit some of the tunes that made me love music so much early on in my childhood like the soundtracks for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Fable.

The feature is currently available across all paltforms, including iOS, Android, desktop and Playstation.

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