Google’s Director of Product: How AI will transform the phone of tomorrow

We had the pleasure of having Google’s Director of Product Aparna Chennapragada speak at TNW Conference back in May. This November, catch similar tech giants at Momentum– our new event for New York.

In five years, five billion mobile phones will be in circulation across the globe.

With so much time being spent on each device, we are going to have the largest cache of personal data about daily activities on our hands. How can we use this to our advantage and  build products that really give people the ability to use their phone to get things done in the real world?

In this compelling talk, Aparna shares how to build the mobile products of the future, using a secret sauce of AI in combination with great UI.

Aparna Chennapragada

A computer scientist trained at IIT (India’s MIT) and MIT, and a product leader with years of experience building and growing Google products like Search and YouTube, Aparna is the Head of Google Now. With Google Now, she is spearheading Google’s big bet on making smart phones smarter and transforming how we’ll use information to get things done in a mobile world.

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