Your must-play weekend Spotify Playlist is here…

Your must-play weekend Spotify Playlist is here…

A few years ago we realized that people tend to spend most of their waking hours at work. And if that is true wouldn’t it make sense if the office would be a place even more comfortable and awesome than their homes? That kinda made sense to us, so we strive to make the TNW offices as comfortable and cool as possible.

We have nice couches, fresh fruit and an overal good atmosphere. And music. You need good music. Not all day, because people want to focus on their work, but often around 5pm someone will start the Sonos and we all enjoy someone’s playlist. We’ve been doing that for a while, and quickly found out that some people have a talent for finding the best music. They became our resident DJ’s. One of them is Harmen Schrik, who works in sales, but has always made music and performs regularly in bars and clubs with his three man band.

We figured we might as well share our playlists with our audience, so you can enjoy a nice tune as well this weekend. Here’s Harmen’s latest creation, optimized for a chilled and relaxed weekend. Or just an average day at the TNW offices.

We will regularly share our playlists on our TNW Spotify account from now on, and we might even invite some cool people to make their own playlists in the future. For now, enjoy:

And follow us on Spotify so you can find all our playlists in the future too.


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