This is the life-sized Pong table you never knew you needed

If you’re not old enough to remember Pong, please vacate this post and let the rest of us olds droll over this life-sized mechanical replica of the Atari game.

The result of builder Daniel Perdomo’s Pong Project, he and a team created this Pong Table as a homage to the classic game. And it’s not just an air hockey table with 70s decal stuck all over it either – Perdomo’s Pong Table has a machine which maps the square “ball” and the paddle movements rather than let them fly through an air cushion.

irl pong

There’s a neat LED lighting system built in to keep scores as well. You can even play solo with the AI. There are an impressive bunch of sensors in this seemingly simple table, which took the crew nearly two years to build.

pong table

So, where can you get this Pong Table? As you might’ve expected, it’s not available for sale yet but Perdomo is shopping for manufacturers to help him bring this table to mass market. If that ever happens, it’s at least several years away so best learn how to hack one up yourself and create an at-home project for this summer.

And of course, if you’re ready to sell that one, hit us up at TNW.

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