Sure, this $5,000 24-karat gold NES seems totally reasonable

Sure, this $5,000 24-karat gold NES seems totally reasonable

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of ‘The Legend of Zelda,’ console maker Analogue doesn’t want to celebrate with fans of the beloved franchise, but instead with the one percent who can afford to flaunt their lives in the most excessive fashion possible.

World, meet the chic but totally unnecessary 24-karat gold NES system. Note that this isn’t a refurbished version of the classic console – if you aren’t familiar, Analogue designs a modern version of the NES so you can play old games in a sleeker package.


The system, called the Nt, goes for $499 – but to own this luxe version, you’ll want to put down $5,000. But only 10 units will be available for sale, the company says, and it comes with a gold-plated ‘Legend of Zelda’ cartridge.

Diehard fans with cash to burn can go ahead and start reserving now – but if you have less luck, maybe you’ll want to spend that money on some Model 3 reservations or buy some champagne and dump it in a hot tub Beyoncé-style? Don’t let me tell you how to live.

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