Skype shutting down ‘Qik’ video messaging service on March 24

Skype Qik iOS

Skype is announcing that on March 24, its Qik video messaging service will be shuttered. But dry your tears, the company was also quick to point out that most of the app’s features were already integrated into the core functionality of Skype.

You may remember Qik as a standalone app that was acquired by Skype in 2011 and then shut down in 2014. Since then, its functionality was built into Skype itself as an in-app service, and now it’ll disappear completely as the core app swallows most of its best features.

The in-app service debuted in 2014 and gave Skype video messaging functionality rather than functioning solely as a video chat or conference tool. It allowed users to send up to 42 seconds of video to any other user.

The video relied on a square format, ala Instagram, as well as a suite of enhancements that improved speed by downloading the message first before sending you a notification.

Since then, Microsoft has learned that people would prefer to just use the Skype app rather than Qik and has ultimately decided to shutter the service.

You’ll have until March 24 to download any saved messages. After that date, they’re gone for good.

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