Hackers are selling your Netflix password for a measly $0.25

Hackers are selling your Netflix password for a measly $0.25

Following Netflix’s international expansion to a total of 190 regions worldwide, security software firm Symantec reports there’s a growing demand for stolen Netflix passwords.

According to Symantec, hackers are stealing thousands of login credentials on a daily basis through multiple phishing campaigns. Redirecting users to fake Netflix websites, the cybercriminals trick users into providing their account details and consequently (re)sell this information on black market forums for as low as 25 cents a password.

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Symantec’s report doesn’t precisely clarify how many accounts might be compromised, but it does show an ad from a popular black market vendor that claims to have “300, 000 [passwords] in stock.”

To avoid alerting users with stolen credentials of unauthorized activity, underground vendors advise its clients not to change any account information. The vendors also warn that “no accounts will be further sold” to buyers who fail to comply with these terms.

If you’re worried your Netflix account might have been infiltrated too, you can quickly check your ‘recently watched’ list for any unexpected or unusual activity. Additionally, it might be a good idea to change your password as a preventive measure.

Netflix recently revealed it has accumulated 75 million subscribers worldwide and is planning on increasing the price to its most loyal customers. However, the solution to hacking and increased prices for irked users could have been provided by Netflix’s CEO himself.

“We love people sharing Netflix,” CEO Reed Hastings said Wednesday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. “That’s a positive thing, not a negative thing.”


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