Watch: Basecamp’s Jason Fried on the art of ass-pricing

See Jason Fried at TNW Europe in Amsterdam this May.


Jason Fried is the co-founder and president of Basecamp, a Chicago-based company that builds web-based productivity tools, and was previously known as 37signals.

Last year at TNW Conference in New York, we had the pleasure of having an AMA with Jason. Whether it’s about Basecamp, the future of working or his daily routine, Fried’s honest, often humorous responses are full of essential advice for anyone in tech.

One such response is when he is asked about how the prices of Basecamp’s products are decided. Fried’s answer: “Never ask people what they would pay for something… Pick a number out of your ass, put it out there, and see if people are going to buy it… #asspricing”. Brilliant stuff.

We’re looking forward to hearing more indispensable advice from Jason as he joins us for a second time at TNW Europe in Amsterdam this May.

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