Go register your drone on the FAA’s website now

Go register your drone on the FAA’s website now
Credit: Toqruing Group

The time has come: you can now (and really should) register your drone with the FAA.

As announced last week, US drone pilots must register their drones – anything from 0.55 to 55 lb, including cameras and cargo – by Feburary 19 or risk fines of up to $250,000. That is, for hobbyists – the FAA is still working on its regulations for commercial drone pilots.

Signing up requires filling out a simple Web form with your name, email and address. You must be 13 years or older to register online; the young pilots out there will have to send in a snail-mail letter.

After completing the process, you’ll receive a Certificate of Aircraft Registration along with an ID number that must be displayed on the drone. That number applies per-user, so no need to re-register every single one of your aircraft if you’re something of a drone collector.

Not everyone is happy about the new regulation; reports are indicating the drone registry will eventually be made public (including names and addresses), and groups like the Academy of Model Aeronautics have been fighting back.

Registration is free until January 20; after that, it’ll cost you five Washingtons. To register, go here, and or more information, check out the FAA’s help guide.

FAA Small Unmanned Aircraft Registration Begins [FAA]


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