Amazon’s ‘Prime Day’ will last 7 weeks this year

Amazon’s ‘Prime Day’ will last 7 weeks this year

Amazon announced it’s giving rampant commercialism a kick in the ass by offering up 7 weeks of Black Friday sales. Rather than one frenzied day of shopping Amazon instead decided ’tis the season to show that one day of hell could actually be extended to 7 weeks of sales that no one actually wants.

This isn’t the first time Amazon tried to one-up Black Friday, either. If you remember the collective eye-roll that was “Prime Day” then you’ll understand why the Internet as a whole remains skeptical that 7 weeks of Black Friday is going to be any different.

Amazon promises more than 30,000 Lighting Deals, all of which will be available to Prime members 30 minutes before anyone else.

If the deals today are any indication, it’s mostly going to be a snoozefest with a deal or two (MotoX for $199 and $20 off Metal Gear Solid 5) that we’re actually interested in thrown in for good measure.

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