Nokia is making an advanced VR camera for filmmakers

Nokia is making an advanced VR camera for filmmakers

Just because Nokia stopped making phones, doesn’t mean it hasn’t been busy. First apps and tablets, and now it’s getting into the VR game with a new 360-degree camera called Ozo.

The device mixes footage and audio from eight image sensors and an equal amount of microphones. As the camera uses a global shutter for each sensor, the distortion seen during quick motion in many modern cameras (which use rolling shutters) should be nonexistent.

The camera’s software allows you to preview 3D footage in real-time, a big step forward compared to the time consuming stitching process normally needed for this type of immersive video content.

It’s important to keep in mind this is not intended to be a consumer camera – Nokia is aiming the device at professionals. The Verge reports that it’s expected to cost upward of $5,000.

The company says final specs and pricing will be announced at a later date, with shipments expected to begin during Q4 2015.

Nokia is just one of several companies making the move to VR. In fact, it’s first partner to use Ozo will be Jaunt, a company already focused on creating VR experiences, and with a camera of its own. Google also launched its own VR camera array in partnership with GoPro at its IO conference earlier this year.

Nokia Ozo

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