Excellent photo app Filters has been sold to Camera+, will live on!

Excellent photo app Filters has been sold to Camera+, will live on!

Filters, the popular (and affordable) photo editing app for iOS, is now part of the Camera+ family. In a blog post on Medium, Filters developer Mike Rundle says the app will remain as a standalone in the App Store, and isn’t being “acquired for parts and pieces.”

In a post announcing the app was for sale, Rundle said he was letting go because he didn’t have the time he felt Filters needed. “I have a full-time job, two small children, and Filters was a side passion project that ended up being pretty great, and it really needs someone (or a team) to take it to the next level and give it the attention it deserves,” he said.

Integrity seems to be a big reason Camera+ was handed the reigns for Filters, too. Rundle says he fielded over a dozen inquiries, but most were interested in the image processing technology Filters uses, which likely meant they’d scrap everything else.

The good news in all of this is that Filters will live on, and get the support it needs from an established brand. For once, we don’t have to caution against downloading an app that’s been acquired. How refreshing.

Filters has joined the Camera+ family! | iOS | [Medium]

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