Etsy’s first transparency report shows it shut down more than 168k accounts in 2014

Etsy’s first transparency report shows it shut down more than 168k accounts in 2014

In an effort to better notify users of requests and violations at Etsy, the online handmade marketplace issued its first-ever transparency report for its actions in 2014. The report breaks down how Etsy processed DMCA takedown notices, non-IP policy violations, member disputes and law enforcement requests.

All in all, the company shut down more than 168,000 accounts in 2014.

According to the related blog post, Etsy closed down 3,993 shops that repeatedly violated Etsy’s IP policy. The company also disabled 176,137 listings from 42,526 sellers in response to DMCA takedown requests.

But the bulk of the shutdowns in 2014 were for non-IP policy violations, for which Etsy shut down 168,288 accounts. These policy violations include spammy shop listings, distribution of products that were not handmade, or shops selling items that are prohibited on the site. In one case mentioned in the report, a seller created listings for ocelot fur coats — removed immediately as ocelots are an endangered species in the United States.

The company also received 41 requests for member information, pertaining to 43 member accounts. According to the report, “the underlying legal issues included bankruptcy, domestic relations, copyright infringement, theft, fraud, and harassment, among others.”

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