Adobe is patching a major Flash flaw uncovered in Hacking Team leak

Adobe is patching a major Flash flaw uncovered in Hacking Team leak

Hacking Team, the infamous group that sold hacking tools to spy agencies around the world, was hacked earlier this week and all its internal documents released online.

As a result of those documents, Adobe has issued an alert about a vulnerability in Flash which Hacking Team was using to exploit victims’ computers.

The security hole, which could allow attackers to take control of the system, works across Windows, Mac and Linux.

First spotted by Trend Micro researchers, the document described the “most beautiful Flash bug for the last four years” and included a proof-of-concept for exploiting the hole and writing to memory.

If you haven’t already, it’s worth considering disabling Flash or setting it to only run when clicked, to protect yourself against these types of exploits.

An update to fix the problem is expected to be released later today.

CVE-2015-5119 [Adobe Security Bulletin via Techcrunch]

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