HBO makes ‘The Brink’ and ‘Ballers’ debut episodes available on Facebook

HBO makes ‘The Brink’ and ‘Ballers’ debut episodes available on Facebook

If you happened to miss the debut of two new HBO shows, Ballers and The Brink, you can still catch them on-demand. If you’re not a HBO subscriber, the network is making both shows available on Facebook.

Ballers, a show about a retired football player who is trying to find a new path as a sports agent, can be found on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Facebook page. Johnson, who stars in and produces Ballers, even recorded a special intro to the show for his Facebook fans.

The Brink’s debut episode can be seen on its branded Facebook page. The show is a political comedy starring Jack Black and Tim Robbins, centering around the war-torn Middle East.

Like Ballers, The Brink has a special intro recorded just for Facebook, starring just about all the major players in the show (spoiler: Jack Black has a new v-neck shirt).

Both shows will be on Facebook for a limited time, but it’s not clear how long they’ll stay up. Your best bet is to catch them ahead of the second episode for both shows, which air this Sunday.

This is the latest move by HBO to make premium cable content available to a wider audience. Recently, HBO launched HBO Now to give mobile-centric cord cutters a chance to view its content, and made a home on Sling TV as well.

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