Reddit is launching a video channel based on its AMAs

Reddit is launching a video channel based on its AMAs

Reddit is about to launch a video series focused on probably the most popular type of post on its site: AMAs. The effort is being spearheaded by two ex-employees of The Verge‘s video team.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t Reddit’s first foray into promoted video content. It started off two years ago with a series based on another one of the platform’s staples, “Explain Like I’m Five,” but there have been relatively few videos since then.

Although AMAs are the initial focus, it later hopes to expand to other categories, such as user stories and other interesting posts.

It’s in line with other moves to make Reddit’s content more accessible. While it wants to maintain the sort of laissez-faire community that helped it grow so quickly, it also needs to make money, so making use of its most popular type of content makes sense.

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Reddit launches a video division to create original content [The Verge]

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