Facebook starts showing ‘relevance’ scores to advertisers

Facebook starts showing ‘relevance’ scores to advertisers

Facebook relies heavily on advertising to make money, so keeping its advertisers happy is important. Today, the company announced a new ‘relevance’ score for its ad reporting tools.

The new metric is essentially Facebook’s estimate for how well an ad will perform with its target audience. The higher the predicted number of positive interactions (think video views, clicks, etc) the higher your score will be. The more likely people are to hide or report an ad, the lower the score will be.


It’s not an incredibly nuanced value- scores range from 1 to 10 – but it can change once the ad goes live and interactions begin happening. Advertisers can test different ads by their predicted score, or monitor changes to see whether campaigns may need a refresh.

Facebook says ads with high relevance scores cost less to be delivered as they are essentially more efficient – the higher the score, the more likely your ad is hitting the right people. Though third party tools provide similar functionality, it’s useful to have a relevance predictions coming right from the social network itself.

➤ Showing Relevance Scores for Ads on Facebook [Facebook]

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