Google Fiber could be announced for North Carolina next week

Google Fiber could be announced for North Carolina next week

The chances of Google Fiber’s crazy-fast internet showing up in your town feel about as favorable as winning the lottery, but if you live in North Carolina, you may be in luck.

Google is holding events in Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte next week according to WRAL Techwire, and it’s very possible they will relate to Google Fiber. According to the publication’s source, Google could begin building the network as soon as this April.

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Several publications, including the Charlotte Observer, received ambiguous invites for the Wednesday and Thursday events.

Today’s reports would be in line with previous suggestions that the North Carolina cities were on the shortlist for the Gigabit-speed internet service.

We contacted Google, but the company has no updates to share right now. So far, Google Fiber is only available in Austin,TX, Kansas City, MO and Provo, UT.

WRAL Techwire via Arstechnica

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