The Parrot eXom drone helps keep bridges from collapsing

The Parrot eXom drone helps keep bridges from collapsing

While most non-military drones are used for vanity purposes, including the cool Parrot Bebop, the eXom by SenseFLY (a Parrot company) is made for professionals that need to make sure our infrastructure is in tip-top shape.

The eXom is built for inspection and up close and personal mapping. It produces much higher resolution images than your off-the-shelf drone, so it can be used to detect even millimeter- wide cracks in things like bridges and dams. It can also be used to 3D mapping.

The sensor head has a gyroscope so it stays level no matter how much the drone itself is tilted. Its head has an HD camera for stills and video, LED lighting, thermal camera, wide-angle video camera and ultrasonic transmitter and receiver. Its ultra sonic sensors keep the drone from running into things.


The eXom can be manually flown or set to autonomous mode thanks to GPS and a flight plan feature. It won’t take dronies of you and your friends, but it fills a much greater need making sure that bridge you cross every day is structurally sound.

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