Samsung announces SUHD TV lineup, says it has 60 percent of the UHD market

Samsung announces SUHD TV lineup, says it has 60 percent of the UHD market

Samsung touted today at CES it’s new lineup of “SUHD” smart televisions for 2015 in sizes from 48″ to 88″ that run Tizen OS.

The new TVs use nanocrystal and quantum dot technology to bring higher quality images and “spectacular color” to even higher resolution displays. Quantum-dot technology lets Samsung create TVs that generate similar colors to OLED displays for a fraction of the price.



Samsung says that its SUHD TVs produce up to 64 times more color than conventional TVs. Despite all these exciting new things, we’re still not sure what the ‘S’ in SUHD stands for.

Samsung will offer three new ranges of SUHD TVs in 2015 – JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500 – but it hasn’t discussed what prices those will start at.

All of Samsung’s new smart TVs will run Tizen OS, which allows them to do things like display information overlays over sports and stream TV to your phone when you’re out and about.

The company is also launching a new Smart Hub for 2015 that runs on Tizen and features a number of new apps, including PlayStation Now, Netflix, Comcast and more.

The company says that it has 60% of the UHD TV market and that half of all those UHD TV sales are curved.

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