Put your Spotify music on autopilot with Pacemaker’s new DJing feature

Put your Spotify music on autopilot with Pacemaker’s new DJing feature

Parties are fun and all, but when you party too hard, sometimes people forget to take care of the music. Pacemaker, one of Spotify’s DJ partners, wants to make sure your parties never go silent with their new Autopilot feature for their iPad app.

The app lets you pick your favorite tracks or playlists to let Autopilot arrange the music in the way its algorithms deem most party-worthy. If you don’t know what you want to play, Autopilot will make use of Pacemaker’s Match Machine to scour through your music and match it with Spotify’s library to find an ideal selection.

Autopilot for Pacemaker

You can skip as many times as you want, and the app will mix in the next track without any pauses in between. Autopilot won’t ask you to set the BPM (beats-per-minute) value or choose a transition style like some othere DJ apps; instead its programming will automatically employ what it determines to be the best transition between the two tracks.

In related DJing news, Algoriddim is releasing djay Pro for OS X – the first DJ app for desktop with Spotify support. It features song match recommendations, automatic BPM and key information, support for retina and 5K displays and a plethora of other features you’d expect from a DJ app.

Autopilot for Pacemaker [iOS] | djay Pro [OS X]

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