Intel introduces its own Internet of Things platform

Intel introduces its own Internet of Things platform

In addition to entering the wearable market, Intel is also going full in on the Internet of Things.

The silicon-producing company announced its own IoT platform and reference design today with a focus on getting items to market quicker using the company’s software and hardware.

The Intel IoT Platform, according to the company, should helps companies deploy products quicker and because the company is teaming up with companies like Accenture, SAP, Dell, Wipro and others, there’s a robust ecosystem right out the gate.

Of course, Intel is going up against another silicon giant for an IoT platform. Qualcomm has its AllJoyn IoT protocol that it has since open-sourced and handed over to the Linux Foundation.

Security amongst devices in a connected home is becoming increasingly important as the market grows. To make your home safer from hackers, Intel has added security elements to both the hardware and software elements in its platform.

➤ Intel Unifies and Simplifies Connectivity, Security for IoT

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