Squarespace acquires Brace.io to bolster its developer tools

Squarespace acquires Brace.io to bolster its developer tools

In a blog post today, Squarespace announced it had acquired Brace.io, a website creation startup powered by cloud tools like Dropbox and Amazon Web Services.

Squarespace is known for its ease of use, so it hopes Brace.io’s technology can help empower developer customization while maintaining the platform’s accessibility. In fact, some of the projects on Squarespace’s roadmap had already been built by Brace.

If you’re a Brace user, the company notes on its own post that all Brace sites will be disabled after January 19. Paying customers will be offered a full year of Squarespace’s unlimited plan as compensation. Meanwhile, Brace’s developer tools will be released to the community as open source projects.

The move follows Squarespace’s announcement of the seventh version of its platform last month, which offered new developer tools, additional templates and Getty Images integration.

➤ Welcome the Brace.io team to Squarespace! [Squarespace]


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