FIFA cracks down on Twitter users using its logos as avatars

FIFA cracks down on Twitter users using its logos as avatars

FIFA is in charge of the biggest sporting event outside of the Olympics. But in addition to making sure the games start on time, it’s also making sure no one mistakes random Twitter accounts with its logo as part of the organization.

Torrent Freak reports that FIFA has been issuing DMCA complaints to Twitter about the offending avatars. For the offending accounts, their profile image reverts to the Twitter egg until the user replaces it with something else.

In its guidelines for use of its official marks (PDF), FIFA states the following in regards to social networks:

FIFA’s official logos, symbols and other graphic trade marks may not be used on any social media platform. FIFA’s Protected Terms (e.g. the event titles) may not be used to create the impression that a page is officially related to the 2014 FIFA World Cup™.

Chilling Effects has a copy of a complaint sent to Twitter in June. So if you’re thinking of using the FIFA logo, World Cup trophy, or that weird armadillo mascot as your avatar, don’t be surprised when it suddenly disappears.

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