Rocket Internet launches SpaceWays to store Londoners’ stuff

Rocket Internet launches SpaceWays to store Londoners’ stuff

Startup factory Rocket Internet has today unveiled its latest company. UK-based SpaceWays has launched to store the physical goods that Londoners don’t have space for in their small, overpriced apartments.

Competing with existing self-storage warehouses, SpaceWays gives users a box they can fill with items that are then picked up and stored in a secure facility near London. This service costs a reasonable £6 ($10) per month per 67-liter box (with a minimum three-month commitment). Items that don’t fix in the boxes are charged at £6 each. Multiple boxes and items can then be returned at any time for a flat fee of £19 ($33).

As is often the case with Rocket Internet ventures, the model is cloned from the US where companies like MakeSpace and Boxbee are growing in popularity. (Update: there’s an existing UK company too – hello, LoveSpace) Rocket is well known for starting (and ending) companies quickly, and we’re told that SpaceWays is the fastest launch in the incubator’s history – 8 weeks from inception to launch.

Starting with London makes sense given that the exceptionally high price of property puts space at a premium there. SpaceWays plans to expand to other UK cities and to other countries “soon.”


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