Amazon launches #AmazonCart, a new way to shop without leaving Twitter

Amazon launches #AmazonCart, a new way to shop without leaving Twitter

Amazon is today rolling out an interesting new feature called #AmazonCart, which lets you add Amazon products to your shopping basket without leaving Twitter.

To use the feature, you first have to connect your Twitter and Amazon accounts, which you can do through your social settings. Then, all you have to do is reply with #AmazonCart to any tweet that contains an Amazon product link, and it will be added to your shopping basket. With one eye on localization, the service is actually called #AmazonBasket for UK shoppers, which makes sense. The feature only appears to be live in the US and the UK for now, however.

It’s worth noting here that this feature doesn’t actually let you purchase the product directly – it merely saves it to your account to order later. You’ll receive an email and a reply tweet from Amazon, outlining the status of your request – for example, whether the product was successfully added, or if it’s out of stock.

We’re seeing an increasing number of similar Twitter use-cases, with ‘frictionless’ very much the name of the game. For example, Comcast rolled out a new ‘See it’ button last year to watch and record TV shows directly from a tweet, while BSkyB (‘Sky’) is also trialing a similar tool in the UK.

Meanwhile, check out the official AmazonCart promo video below, or read the FAQ here.



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