Intel’s Mashery acquires hackathon management platform Hacker League

Intel’s Mashery acquires hackathon management platform Hacker League

Mashery, the API management company that was acquired by Intel earlier this year, has announced an acquisition of its own today. It has bought the assets of Hacker League, a firm that offers a platform used at hackathons from the likes of Evernote, Foursquare and The Next Web.

Hackathons, where developers compete to invent new uses for commercial or non-commercial APIs, have risen as an important way for brands and technology companies alike to engage with the grassroots developer community. Mashery itself says that it takes part in more than 60 such events per year.

Co-founder of New York-based Hacker League, Mike Swift tells us that he feels his platform’s potential hasn’t been tapped yet. Mashery says that it will invest in the technology to make it “even better for developers and hackathon organizers.”

By not only managing APIs for customers like Best Buy, Comcast and Thomson Reuters, but by also offering software on which to run those customers’ hackathons, Mashery can offer a more complete package of services.

Existing Hacker League customers are promised that nothing will change. “Things will only continue to get better now that Hacker League has the commitment of an organization like Mashery behind it.  I couldn’t be more excited for Hacker League’s future and I hope you are too,” says Swift. Hacker League was used here at The Next Web to power Hack Battles at our Latin America and USA conferences this year.

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