Two years after the acquisition, eBay rebrands GSI Commerce as eBay Enterprise

Two years after the acquisition, eBay rebrands GSI Commerce as eBay Enterprise

eBay today announced it has rebranded GSI Commerce as eBay Enterprise. Out of eBay’s three main business units, the newly renamed division will play the role of the enterprise commerce solution for retailers and brands.

GSI Commerce officially joined eBay exactly two years ago. The $2.4 billion deal was announced on March 28, 2011 and was closed on June 20, 2011.

Since then, GSI Commerce has played the role of an eBay company specializing in creating, developing, and running online shopping sites for over 1,000 clients from its 26 offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. According to eBay, its technologies, marketing solutions, and omnichannel operations enabled $4 billion of ecommerce transactions in 2012.

“To help our clients compete and win, eBay Enterprise will continue leveraging eBay Inc. technology, including local and mobile commerce innovation,” eBay Enterprise President Chris Saridakis wrote as part of the announcement today. “And we are committed to leveraging data in ways that enable our retail and brand partners to deliver unparalleled loyalty-driven consumer experiences.”

Saridakis also offered some expectations for the end of 2013: more than 30 eBay Commerce clients will have stores on the eBay Marketplaces platform and PayPal coverage will extend to over 90 percent of its client volume. Then again, neither is particularly massive as the former is a small fraction and PayPal is largely ubiquitous, at least today.

Yet he didn’t specify why exactly the branding has occurred, and certainly not why now, as opposed to on the day the acquisition was completed. Either eBay executives didn’t think it was worth the effort, or the name was supposed to remain as part of the deal. Whatever the reason, this change probably should have occurred much sooner.

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