Evernote updates Web clipper for Chrome to add Gmail clippings

Evernote updates Web clipper for Chrome to add Gmail clippings

Evernote is showing no signs of slowing down as it continues to update its services. After recently launching custom reminders for iOS, OSX and the Web, followed by Android two weeks after, the note-taking service has updated its Web clipper function for Google Chrome to include Gmail.

Open any email on the Web Clipper, and the email, along with any attached files, will be saved to Evernote. The full email conversation becomes a formatted note (with the subject line as the note’s title) and what’s useful then is that you can choose a notebook to place the email into, assign any relevant tags and add a note to it.

If you’re a Premium user, Evernote also allows you to search any attached documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and PDFs.


This feature is likely to be very useful for small businesses that use Gmail within the office, and Evernote also acknowledges that it uses Gmail within the company – which is probably why it came up with this in the first place .

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