Rewards platform Kiip passes 1,000 connected apps as it opens up a self-service option for brands

Rewards platform Kiip passes 1,000 connected apps as it opens up a self-service option for brands

Kiip has announced reaching over 1,000 apps integrated with its mobile rewards platform and 500 million “engaged moments” per month on its platform as it opens up self-service opportunities for brands to submit their rewards.

The rewards program works by offering developers a monetization solution that’s centered around offering mobile app users rewards for reaching or accomplishing specific engaged moments, such as beating a level in a game, finishing a to-do list or achieving a goal in a fitness app.

Known as Kiip Self-Serve, the brand-facing offering is launching in an invite-only beta at first and will be tied to the company’s preexisting vertical channels: gaming, fitness, food and drink, health and productivity. A music vertical is also coming along, with popular music game Songpop joining the platform earlier today.

Though Kiip will still need to review rewards before approving them, companies will be able to submit their rewards directly through an online interface. Interestingly, the startup originally developed the interface for internal use before repurposing it for clients.


Self-Serve has a global focus, as it is launching in 11 languages in order to help Kiip offer more international rewards. Kiip launched in Japan late last year and the company also has presences in the EMEA and Latin America regions.

Brands like Uber, Sidecar and participated in an alpha version of the service. Kiip has been steaming ahead with bring on brands, now boasting over 115 of the “world’s major consumer brands”, including Amazon, McDonald’s, Pepsi and Sony Music.

Kiip had previously opened up a self-serve option for developers looking to integrate their apps, so both sides of the field can now sign up on their own.

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