Kickstarter passes 100,000 launched projects, 44% funded successfully thanks to $535m in crowdsourcing

Kickstarter passes 100,000 launched projects, 44% funded successfully thanks to $535m in crowdsourcing ...

Crowdsourcing site Kickstarter on Tuesday revealed it has hit a new milestone: over 100,000 launched projects. The company founded just over four years ago in 2009 also noted that of those, 43.96 percent have been funded successfully. Not bad for such a young service.

Kickstarter users have so far pledged $630 million, of which $535 million has been accepted by projects that hit their funding goal. That leaves just $95 million dollars that has been either pledged unsuccessfully ($68 million to be exact) or pledged for projects that are still live ($27 million is currently up for grabs).

The latest figures are as follows:


As you can see, film and video is the most popular category, in terms of total dollars, though it is closely followed by games. Rounding out the top five are design, music, and technology.

In terms of successful dollars, however, the first two categories are swapped. Film and video currently has the highest number of live projects while games has the largest amount of live dollars.

Yet the success rate list shows that less popular categories naturally results in more funded projects. The top five are: dance (70.92 percent), theatre (64.38 percent), music (54.70 percent), art (48.82 percent), and comics (48.03 percent).

You can check out the stats for yourself here. You should be warned, however, that the “Successfully Funded Projects” and “Unsuccessfully Funded Projects” don’t add up to the total for the simple reason that there are still projects that are currently live. Unsurprisingly, data on those isn’t available since it is constantly changing.

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Top Image Credit: Gary Scott

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