Online assessment and training platform ProProfs passes 1 million registered content-makers

Online assessment and training platform ProProfs passes 1 million registered content-makers

Online quiz and course service ProProfs has passed 1 million registered customers, with notable content-makers including Sony, Cisco and Harvard University, as it levels a challenge against the likes of Udemy and Coursera.

ProProfs counts a registered customer as any business, institution or individual that signs up on the site to create their own quizzes, surveys or courses. The site is currently seeing upwards of 1 million page views a day.

Founder and CEO Sameer Bhatia chalked up the company’s success to its product-driven strategy and focus on simplicity.

“We have people doing everything from making tests, quizzes, professional tests, online courses, corporate trainings, surveys and polls,” he said.

The service aims to be easy to use for creators by providing back-end file conversion to make PowerPoint and video files work across mobile and PC platforms. The site has also built up the largest repository of public tests and exams and offers suggested test questions from the database.


Users can create public content for free, so ProProfs supports massive open online courses (MOOC) similar to other e-learning sites. Paid plans are designed for uses like corporate trainings and private courses.

Bhatia called the company the “YouTube of courses”, noting that anyone can generate their own tests and classes.

Moving forward, ProProfs is working on corporate knowledge management software to help companies store training materials on its platform, and it’s also got plans to tackle the mobile space.

When I asked Bhatia what sets the company apart from Udemy and Coursera, he claimed ProProfs is “already beating them,” though he admitted that it hasn’t generated the same level of buzz as its competitors.

Udemy actually jumped into corporate training last week with the release of Udemy for Organizations, but, according to Bhatia, ProProfs has been supporting companies for a while and has the Fortune 500 customers to prove it. The founder also highlighted ProProfs’ private training features as a distinction from Coursera, which prefers to partner with universities for its MOOC curriculum.

The e-learning space is starting to get crowded, but it’s a big world we live in and everybody could use a little bit of education. As competition continues to heat up, ProProfs has built up a solid customer base to lean on.

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