Swipe launches into beta as a Web app to create and share presentations to anyone on any device

Swipe launches into beta as a Web app to create and share presentations to anyone on any device

Swipe, a Web app that functions as a two-way presentation tool, is launching into beta today, allowing people to not only build Web-powered slideshows, but also share them with anyone. Those presentations can then be viewed on any mobile device with a modern browser.

Formed out of Startup Weekend Oslo in 2012, company co-founder Horia Cermusca pitched the idea for Swipe there, but wasn’t able to collect enough votes to form a team. He ran into his future partner Hakon Eide who joined up because “there were no other visible startup ideas there.” The team was formed and went on to win the Startup Weekend competition.

Debuting at the Microsoft Bizspark Startup Rally competition at The Next Web Conference, Swype is trying to make presentations less boring and more engaging. It tells us that not much has changed since the 1950s when the first slide projectors were introduced — it’s still a “static experience” with one person, one device, one projector.


Swipe believes it can recreate a WebEx-like experience, but in real life. Since most people sitting in a presentation have either a laptop, tablet device, or smartphone on hand, to make the experience more educational and informative, presenters could use the service as means to capture their undivided attention. With some similarities with Prezi, users can create their slideshow decks.

Not only that, but Swipe also has Dropbox integration. With this support, presenters can collaborate with audience members to work on presentations. The company says that as you update files in Dropbox, it syncs the changes right to Swipe.

Those interested can request an invite from Swipe for early access. The company says those that get invited will receive “free-for-life” accounts.


Photo credit: Swipe

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