Freshdesk launches FreshThemes to help businesses customize the design of their customer service tools

Freshdesk launches FreshThemes to help businesses customize the design of their customer service tools ...

Cloud-based customer support platform Freshdesk has rolled out a bunch of new customization options today, called FreshThemes, which makes it easier for businesses to personalize their services.

The idea is to offer Freshdesk users a library of ready-to-use themes that can be applied to give – what is usually a pretty dull and frustrating interaction – a fresh and interesting look.

For companies with particular branding guidelines, or those who just want to experiment with the feature, FreshThemes can also be customized further using CSS, JavaScript and original layouts.


“Brands realize that you can’t really please your customers with one experience in a store and a totally different feel on your help desk,” Girish Mathrubootham, Freshdesk CEO said. “FreshThemes ensures that customer support looks and feels like a part of your business at every customer touch point — on your website, over the phone, on your app, via social media and in online communities.”

Freshdesk isn’t rolling this out as a one-time solution either. The company says it will continue to partner with theme developers to create a library that caters to a wide range of customer service use cases.

Mobile app developers, for example, might want a minimalist help desk to prioritize connectivity and data transfers, while ecommerce firms will want a more expansive offering with order information, contact details and related products to cross-sell.


To coincide with the announcement, FreshThemes is officially launching its FreshPlugs library. The library, which we first heard about back in November, allows developers to integrate data from third-party tools, databases, legacy systems and applications.

With the launch today, businesses can browse a library of supported FreshPlus tools, including the services such as Google Maps, FedEx and UPS tracking.

FreshDesk is trying to make it easier for businesses to set up and manage a robust customer support service. Zendesk is the company’s most notable rival, although Freshdesk has looked to compete in recent times with the launch of its Future Fund for startups, as well as a HTML5 mobile app.

Zendesk, meanwhile, improved its integration with customer relationship management (CRM) service provider Salesforce last December, giving its users more control over the amount of information available to agents from the Salesforce platform.

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