Twitter’s Biz Stone makes directorial debut with “Evermore” as part of Canon’s Project Imaginat10n

Twitter’s Biz Stone makes directorial debut with “Evermore” as part of Canon’s Project ...

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone has been involved in some major projects over the past few years — from Blogger, to Twitter, and Medium, his next venture is a bit out of the tech space: it’s in film. Making his directorial debut, Stone released the film “Evermore” as part of Canon’s Project Imaginat10n where he used 10 user generated photos to create the movie. We’ve obtained behind-the-scenes photos of his experience along with some footage of the film, although it will not hit theatres until Fall 2013.

Organized by Canon and legendary director Ron Howard, Canon’s Project Imaginat10n is all about coming up with something truly unique and creative. Alongside Stone, the project has four other celebrity directors, including Eva Longoria, Jaime Foxx, Georgina Chapman, and James Murphy.

Employing user-generated content shouldn’t be that surprising for Stone — after all, he’s been at the forefront of social media content for many years. He also has a background in graphic design and understand photo research — skills that will truly help make a great film. The true test will be whether he’s able to create a story from the photos.

Last November, it was revealed what photos Stone would choose for his photo. According to Digital Trends, the selection process took about an hour and a half. Howard chose the Twitter co-founder because of his affiliation with the tech and the startup world. And he’s really excited about the filmmaking process. Biz has said previously:

What I want to do is play. One of the ideas I have is to tell a story within a story, and this will allow me to experiment with certain capabilities, and I want to be able to push creatively and technically,” he says. “I want to work with the cinematographer and the director of photography and ask a lot of questions … ‘Can we do this? Can we do that?’ Hopefully at the end of this, I’ll be able to do more.

Here is a video Stone did about his new film:

Called “Evermore”, Stone’s film takes inspiration from poet Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, “The Raven” and includes stars Rene Auberjonois (Deep Space Nine) and Lisa Edelstein (House). He says that the movie is about a family who suffers the loss of a grandmother. From there, it centers on a child’s discovery of a Poe poem and sets out on a scheme to find a way to unify the family that fell apart following the passing.

The film will make its debut at the Project Imaginat10n festival this Fall.

Here are some of the photos from “Evermore”:





Photo credit: Canon USA

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