Sundance 2013: Robert Redford says technology and change main themes

Sundance 2013: Robert Redford says technology and change main themes

Founder of Sundance Robert Redford opened Sundance at the famous Egyptian theater in Park City by saying technology and change were the main themes for 2013.

Referring to the industry changes technology has bought to Hollywood, Redford said “I think change can be divided into three sections. Since it’s inevitable, some people fight it and resist it because they’re afraid of it. Other people accept it and roll along with it…others see it in a positive way”

Hollywood and Silicon Valley have traditionally had a difficult relationship with the movie and music industry trying to pass the SOPA and PIPA bills through congress last year to stop online piracy and IP theft- exploits largely enabled by the Internet.

But the Internet is also enabling filmmakers to not only produce films and music more economically as the tools to do so become cheaper, it also provides a platform where filmmakers can crowd-fund their films, advertise and distribute for cheaper.58208_10151257019778167_742300864_n

Moderated by Dell’s Stephanie Losee, The Next Web’s Hollywood Meets Silicon Valley event was extremely fitting with this year’s themes as panelists discussed the convergence between the two industries and how they can work together instead of fighting for dominance.

The panelists – Brad Wyman, Indiegogo’s head of film, Steve Menkin – CEO,, Todd Gallagher producer of Monster, Marcus Lovingood (Host) – (CEO, and Kwasi Asare founder of Fighter- discussed the changing nature of content.

Indiegogo’s Wyman said after making films for 30 years in Hollywood, he went knocking on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo’s doors for a job managing their films.

“Hollywood’s not dead but it’s in the death valley of financial distribution – you’re seeing the finacial distribution and revenues of movies costantly drip – very little money is coming through the digital age of Silicon Valley, but we are getting out of that death valley now because artists and filmmakers and going direct to market.’

“Five years ago you chased the stars, the guys that ran the studios that gives you the deals, now I chase the filmakers and their dreams so I can get them on my website and get the funding direct from the audience,” Wyman added.

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We’ll be at Sundance later on in the week to cover the premiere of the Steve Jobs biopic jOBS, so stay tuned for that.

Photo Credit: George Pimentel/Getty Images

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